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Cloud Native Application Services

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The right app at the right time.

Whether you’re starting a new project or migrating existing technology, Ioka can help.

At Ioka Technologies Inc., our hand-picked team builds and powers Cloud Native applications that keep networked enterprises stable and growing. When it comes to our projects, we, like our clients, are in it for the long haul — we do everything from analysis and design to infrastructure, deployment, and upkeep for the complete lifecycle of our medium-to-large sized projects.

Our Approach

Our development process, structured by a design–build–test methodology, uses the full power of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) to rapidly build features and adapt them to the evolving needs of your business. Whether integrating with existing services or building new ones from scratch, we use widely-accepted technology specifications like the OpenAPI standard to keep services communicating smoothly even in the face of outages, updates, and migrations. Our deployment processes are fully automated from commit to release, cloud scalable, and zero-trust.

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Server Migration

Is it time to move that custom-built VM to a cloud native service and leverage the full benefits of a cloud-native approach? This is a process we break out into multiple phases.

  1. Wrangle the sprawl: trace all the data the code relies on to run, including passwords and proprietary information.
  2. Build the nerve center: gather the data so it is all controlled from a single, secure, centrally managed location.
  3. Separate concerns: create distinct workflows for updating configuration data, managing infrastructure, and deploying application code.
  4. Mobilize your infrastructure: turn infrastructure definitions into version-controlled code. From now on, an infrastructure migration uses the same process as code deployment, leverages the same automations, and offers the same guarantees.

Once the process is complete, your organization will be positioned for rapid, resilient, sustainable growth:

  • Deploy new features and code changes with a process that is repeatable, visible, and self-verifying.
  • Scale up any cloud-native service with a one-step, zero-downtime infrastructure change.
  • Painlessly swap out services and evolve your infrastructure from a single point of control.

Fleet Management

Today’s IoT is not just temperature sensors and smart thermostats. Any fleet of on-premise equipment produces telemetry and benefits from remote configuration and visibility. At Ioka we have experience of the full lifecycle from designing secure IoT hardware to producing end user data insights and managing the technical and infrastructure needs of the fleet.

Cloud Native Applications

Traditional applications do not always move to the cloud without significant effort. Application state may assume that it is working with a native disk which might not be compatible with the object storage concepts of the cloud. This raises cost and limits the ability to scale. The good news is that once a workload is running on the cloud under CI, these layers can be cleaved off leaving a stateless application container that can be effortlessly rebooted, reconfigured, scaled up, duplicated in a sandboxed environment, and hooked up to other cloud-aware services.

Process Automation

Often the motivation for cloud IoT is to provide an integration point for silos in the organization. This could be spreadsheets, point-and-click tasks in an isolated application or gaps that haven’t yet been filled with a defined process.

Improvements start by documenting the existing process before replacing segments of it with automation. Ioka will review the existing process and suggest a path forward on integrating existing services into a single UI, building custom services, or working with specialized contractors to produce the efficient, scaleable results you need.

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